Accessibility Information - Number 5


This two-storey terraced house has a lounge and kitchen on the first floor, and three bedrooms and a bathroom on the ground floor.  There is space outside the property to load or unload a car but no long term parking.  Car parking is on a tarmac car park about 100 metres level walk along a tarmac driveway.

The front garden is through a double gate in the left as you approach the property.  It has a level tarmac surface about 240cm wide along the front of the houses.  To the left of this is a raised patio (10cm step) with crazy paving interspersed with flower-beds.  The grass rear garden is accessed via a sloping ramp from the rear gate (after climbing three concrete steps), or the top of the exterior stairs.  Parts of the garden are extremely steep as the house is built into the hillside.  Special care is needed in wet or icy weather, when it can be very slippery. 

Access to the first floor main entrance is via an external wooden staircase (13 steps) to the right of the block and 6 metres of level timber walkway about 1.5m wide, constructed of 15cm planks laid lengthways, with gaps of about 2cm between them.  It is also possible to access this walkway from the rear garden gate – three concrete steps and a sloping path.  The timber walkway and outside steps are lit at night.  There is a second external door at the rear of the property at ground floor level, leading directly into a bedroom.  Both external doors have sills approximately 15cm high.



Ceiling heights are approximately 225cm.  Many electric power points are situated about 50cm above skirting board height, although some are just above skirting boards.  Doors are standard domestic width.  Lighting throughout the property is good.  It is decorated in shades of beige, terracotta ad chocolate brown (bedroom furnishings are patterned).  There is no telephone, but Vodaphone and O2 mobile phones have a signal at the front of the property and there is a public phone box in the car park.  Smoke alarms are fitted and fire extinguishers at the top and bottom of the stairs. 

The main first floor entrance door leads from the timber walkway into a spacious, open kitchen, which extends to the right and is fitted with standard height units and a vinyl floor.  A few feet in front of the entrance door, is the staircase down to the ground floor.  The door to the lounge lies across the kitchen to the right.  The lounge is large with a laminate floor.  It contains 2 sofas, a chair, a 6 seat dining set and a multi-fuel stove.  The TV and CD/DVD have remote controls. 

Accessed by a door from the kitchen the stairs are carpeted and have a 90 degree right turn two-thirds of the way down.  They are narrow with full height walls and a handrail to one side.  At the bottom of the stairs is a narrow hall.  The first door on the left if the twin bedroom.  The first door on the right leads to the double bedroom (there is an ensuite shower room here containing a shower cubicle and WC and wash basin at standard heights).  Both bedrooms have space to move around the beds.  The second door on the left leads to a small room with full size bunk beds.  There are bedside ad ceiling lights in all bedrooms.  All the ground floor is carpeted except for the bathroom. 

The second door on the right leads to the bathroom, with a ceramic tiled floor.  The shower is over the bath and the water temperature is controlled by a manually-adjusted mixer tap.  The bathroom also contains a wash basin and WC at standard heights.

We are always happy to advise guests on the suitability of the property for their individual needs.